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[InfoGraphic] The Famous Drinks Of Bourbon Street & The French Quarter

by Liana Li Evans on May 4, 2012

If there’s one thing that Bourbon Street & the French Quarter is known for, it’s the Cocktails.  The 12 by 9 block area of the French Quarter holds a treasure of delectable drinks for tourists and locals to enjoy. From the most powerful drinks to the old stalwarts, there’s bound to be one that will be your favorite after visit to New Orleans.

Being event planners in New Orleans we’ve had our fair share of taste testings of a lot of these different drinks in the French Quarter.  From Tropical Isle’s Hand Grenade to Absinthe at Pirate’s Alley Cafe, there’s likely to be a few drinks that will top your list of “must try” while visiting the Big Easy.  So to get you off on the right foot, we’ve created a handy Drinks of the French Quarter InfoGraphic.

Famous Drinks of Bourbon Street & The French Quarter [InfoGraphic]

Famous Drinks of Bourbon Street & The French Quarter (InfoGraphic)

The Hand Grenade

Probably the most famous drink in all of New Orleans is the Tropical Isle’s Hand Grenade ®.  With it’s unique florescent green drink glass fashioned in the shape of a hand grenade, it has new revelers on Bourbon Street asking “what is that!?”.  Well, that is a trademarked recipe that is likely one of the most powerful drinks in the French Quarter.  Made with grain alcohol and other liquors, it comes in both regular and “skinny” for those trying to count calories – or have less of a hangover in the morning.

The VooDoo Mojo

This rum based drink can be found at The Bourbon O! which sits at the corner of Orleans and Bourbon and is part of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.  The bright purple drinking cup it comes in might remind you of your high school chemistry class, but what’s inside is definitely not for high school kids.  Don’t let the sweet fruit juices fool you, the mixture of several different types of  rum in this drink can certainly pack a punch.

The Turtle

No, we’re not talking mutant ninjas, nor a dance, we’re talking about Turtle Bay‘s delicious concoction, The Turtle.  This drink is made with grain alcohol and fruit flavored liquors and it comes in a unique turtle shaped plastic drinking cup. Drinking one to many of these might have you wishing you could crawl back into your own turtle shell in the morning.

Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane

Hurricanes can be powerful – both the weather events and the drinks.  The hurricane drink from Pat O’Brien’s is likely the most famous rum based drink in all of the French Quarter.  It’s so famous and delicious that Pat O’Brien’s even sells the mix so that you can take it home with you and enjoy it from your home.

Jester’s Daiquiris

With over 12 different flavors to choose from, Jester’s Mardi Gras Daiquiris is definitely a place to stop on Bourbon.  They serve up one of the most powerful daiquiris in the French Quarter with their Jester Daiquiri.  Revelers can choose from flavors such as Jungle Juice, 190 Knock Out and the traditional Pina Coloda, just to name a few.

Shark Attack

Where else but on Bourbon Street can sharks attack out of the water?  This fun drink, like The Hand Grenade ®, can be found at all three locations of the Tropical Isle and at the Funky Pirate.  The brave souls who attempt to survive a Shark Attack are treated with “blood” in their drink and a toy shark to take home.

Lafitte’s Hurricane

Even pirates had to deal with Hurricanes!  Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop on the far end of Bourbon Street, at the corner of St. Phillip, is home to one of the most powerful Hurricane drinks in the French Quarter.  The bar is considered the oldest building in the French Quarter and the oldest operating bar in America, after all those years, we think they’ve perfected the art of intoxicating drinks.


Legend has it that when you drink Absinthe, a little green fairy will appear.  While debate over whether the legend is true, one thing is certain, to experience Absinthe the right way a stop at Pirates Alley Cafe is in order.  Not only is the drink famous, but the bartenders dress as pirate wenches and tell the story about why Absinthe and the Green Fairy go hand in hand.

Horney Gator

While gators roam the swamps of Louisiana, Horney Gators roam Bourbon Street and you can find yours at Tropical Isle.  This drink come in an orange colored souvenir cup shaped like a gator, along with tiny toy gators to top it off.  Be careful when you wrestle with this gator though, you might not like yourself in the morning.

Magic Potion

If your not afraid of the goth side of life, take a stroll to Ye Olde Original Dungeon just off of Bourbon on Toulouse Street for one heck of powerful and “magical” drink.  Magic Potion is an Everclear based drink and comes in 3 different flavors – Rasberry, Strawberry and Grape.  We hear that drinking one to many rounds of this Magic Potion might have you doing things you might not ever thought you’d do.


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